Not all tree removal is the same

At Treexpert we offer the state of the art low impact tree removal processes. Whenever needed, we can employ specialized equipment such as cranes when necessary to insure ultimate safety and control.

We believe in preserving trees. However, there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed due to disease, rot or death.

There is a “wrong way” to remove a tree. Then there is the TreeXpert way.

Our first priority is the safety of your property. We usually will cut a tree down limb by limb to avoid using heavy equipment like cranes on your property but we have them if needed. This avoids damaging your grass and disturbing the area around the tree being removed.

Our second priority is clean up, making sure your property is as neat and as clean as it was when we arrived.

Tree Services

TreeXpert  provides tree service solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Our professional and certified tree consultants provide you valuable information about our tree services.

Our tree services include:

  • tree removal
  • stump removal
  • tree trimming
  • tree cutting
  • hedge or bush trimming
  • comprehensive tree consulting
  • fruit bearing tree care and maintenance including tree pruning
  • insect and disease control
  • growth regulations
  • planting and soil testing

Start reaping the benefits of healthy happy trees today.

Disaster Response

TreeXpert has the ability to respond immediately following a disaster. As well as effectively managing the debris removal, reduction and disposal processes to put the affected communities on their way to recovery as quickly and as possible. We have decades of experience when it comes to assembling and deploying the uniquely trained and experienced project teams. And with our specialized equipment and resources necessary for effective disaster and recovery response efforts.

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